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Margaret Peacock

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Project Start Date Project Manager Priority Status Project Role
  Asian Tiger – 1.0.0 01-19-2014 Nancy Davolio 3
  Wild Orchid-1.0.0 04-19-2014 Nancy Davolio 3
Issue Category Priority Assignee Status
  href error (#3126676359099) Anne - Dodsworth
  leading paragraph (#7480138208659) Margaret - Peacock
  jump to calculated page for any requested comment (#9948906109959) Anne - Dodsworth
  URI of blog isn’t correctly implemented (#6981271781409) Andrew - Fuller
  Drop Down in Firefox Does Not Populate Fields (#6087264991052) Janet - Leverling
  Open in New window ? (#2601793283654) Janet - Leverling
  captcha support to stop spam bots (#7517122386990)
  Add GZIP support (#1231491933361) Anne - Dodsworth
  If the loop is modified in a template before the tag blob is shown it all goes wrong (#7363279259242) Nancy Davolio 3
  Tiled Galleries: image sizes overwritten by Twenty Thirteen’s Featured Gallery function (#6645077013319) Janet - Leverling
  Fixed notices of undefined offset (#3404144161487) Margaret - Peacock
  You need to globalize $table_prefix (#3455213333183) Nancy Davolio 3
  Sql injection vulnerability (#7227251158005)
  XSS in Answer-my-question plugin (#3070511456597) Andrew - Fuller
  Modules exports cannot work (#2705100776804)
  Differentiation of labels and values using the pipe is broken (#3481662877617) Janet - Leverling
  MCEComments and Tango Smileys Extended (#2291125017517) Laura - Callahan
  Google XML Sitemaps Not Finishing (#5261264393186) Anne - Dodsworth
  JS injection vulnerability in gt-tabs (#1818962871202)
  WP Multi-Network Broken (#1152682670668)
  Problem with download (#7070394266657)
  Custom fields unavailable in follow-up autoresponder e-mails (#9699819371352) Laura - Callahan
  Fix disable tag/cats boxes so they don’t freeze browsers (#1863115462870) Margaret - Peacock
  Proxy IP authentication / multiple vote issue with WP-PostRatings (#2778530527548) Laura - Callahan
  podpress 8.8.2 : fix for wrong itunes tags in the rss feed (#1399899538713)
  Conflict with Viper’s Video Quicktags plugin (#1403654457148)
  DB table ak_404_log isn’t defined. (#4476067905540)
  Double URL encoding of email address in link to subscription manager (#6988893758660) Andrew - Fuller
  Fix inactive submenus (especially on drafts) (#7546187443009)
  Prepare wpDirAuth for 1.0 release (#2424178456446) Anne - Dodsworth
  Authors lose their lang attribute on pre tags. (#6734790190989)
  Geo Plugin – Fields in Post.php not showing up and blocking rest (#2593421470484) Nancy Davolio 3
  Unicode characters not being captured properly (#7287327631726) Andrew - Fuller
  Photopress: Insert button doesn’t work on IE/WP2 (v0.9.2) – bug in ppInsertAtCursor (#6064514455085) Nancy Davolio 3
  Getting Spam throug wp-contactform (#5068468694990)
  Paged Comment Editing : Comment Counter related. (#3815996820378) Margaret - Peacock
  Mail delivery failed (#4667170537443)
  Multiple SQL injection in wordpress poll (#6503284024089)
  Stored XSS Flaw in Description Box in the Media tab (#4066525420037)
  Network id is not set when adding the content_scheduler action hook (#1999834839122)
  Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference (#1974214993668) Andrew - Fuller
  ‘XSS issue with plugin ”Grou Random Image”’ (#5227023699603) Janet - Leverling
  [Plugin SEO Ultimate] Bug when post has only one tag (#3230465139098)
  flush_rewrite conflicts with any plugins or themes (#3851655909879) Nancy Davolio 3
  ‘Sharedaddy ”Only show once” makes not showing icons’ (#3732658617189)
  Redirection plugin prevents internal redirection from working (#7540489381885)

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