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Wild Orchid 1.0.0

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ProjectStart Date Priority Status
  Asian Tiger 1.0.0 01-19-2014
  Persian Cat 1.0.0 02-14-2014
ProjectStart Date Priority Status
  Asian Tiger 1.0.0 01-19-2014
IssueCategory Priority Status
  captcha support to stop spam bots (#7517122386990)
  Add GZIP support (#1231491933361)
  If the loop is modified in a template before the tag blob is shown it all goes wrong (#7363279259242)
  Sql injection vulnerability (#7227251158005)
  MCEComments and Tango Smileys Extended (#2291125017517)
  Google XML Sitemaps Not Finishing (#5261264393186)
  Double URL encoding of email address in link to subscription manager (#6988893758660)
  Prepare wpDirAuth for 1.0 release (#2424178456446)
  Authors lose their lang attribute on pre tags. (#6734790190989)
  Photopress: Insert button doesn’t work on IE/WP2 (v0.9.2) – bug in ppInsertAtCursor (#6064514455085)
  Paged Comment Editing : Comment Counter related. (#3815996820378)
  Multiple SQL injection in wordpress poll (#6503284024089)
  Stored XSS Flaw in Description Box in the Media tab (#4066525420037)
  Network id is not set when adding the content_scheduler action hook (#1999834839122)
  [Plugin SEO Ultimate] Bug when post has only one tag (#3230465139098)
  flush_rewrite conflicts with any plugins or themes (#3851655909879)
  ‘Sharedaddy ”Only show once” makes not showing icons’ (#3732658617189)
  Localization of Currency Symbols to Database (#3500093401728)
  wpDirAuth conflicts with TDO Mini Forms (#6964342429391)
  [PATCH] Fix for broken category query in WP 2.3.x (#71903783894)
  non-openid website not accepted (#3008280741276)
  sub-domains are not detected (#4061557167164)
  Spanish translation (#7746760306467)
  ‘jQuery(”.acronym-tooltip”).tTips is not a function’ (#2547788514530)
  Add support for getting IP from request headers (#5246937902549)
  Deleting the Directories From the Trac (#5285687479829)
  Search Unleashed and WP 3.1 not working (#2176876867721)
  double upload (#3879016691395)
  wp-shortstat 1.3 doesn’t work for WP 2.0.1 (#6522844422121)
  Plugin SVN Issue (#6771372286559)
  Throwing other posts out of whack (#4034866649819)
  Not showing senders e-mail adress (#2049444641931)
  Plugin for WP 2.0 Doesnt Seem To Work (#4674062509808)
  postlocation –>Do not work … Fatal Error (#5064790340511)
  Yahoo Ping Service Deprecated (#3184839636958)
NamePhoto Type Job Title Email Project Role
  Margaret Peacock Manager

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