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Laura Callahan

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Project Start Date Project Manager Priority Status Project Role
  Asian Tiger – 1.0.0 01-19-2014 Nancy Davolio 3
  Cherry Blossom – 1.0.0 04-01-2014 Margaret - Peacock
Issue Category Priority Assignee Status
  Add GZIP support (#1231491933361) Anne - Dodsworth
  Fixed notices of undefined offset (#3404144161487) Margaret - Peacock
  URI of blog isn’t correctly implemented (#6981271781409) Andrew - Fuller
  Form doesn’t show if Adsense-Deluxe plugin is installed (#4465277609348) Laura - Callahan
  Custom fields unavailable in follow-up autoresponder e-mails (#9699819371352) Laura - Callahan
  Fatal error: Warning: while updating 2 plugins? (#5354001428401)
  SurveyPress : Leaving config unfinished blocks login to WP (#6065126842935) Margaret - Peacock
  Redirect Virus in Dashboard Google Analytics Plugin (#1440742167603) Margaret - Peacock
  Two Issues with the Post Location plugin…please help. (#6981626118208)
  There is a Stored XSS flaw in the Title text box box while creating a POST (#2181678796267) Margaret - Peacock
  After installation – blank page (#2978848472487) Nancy Davolio 3
  ‘jQuery(”.acronym-tooltip”).tTips is not a function’ (#2547788514530) Anne - Dodsworth
  submit new version of plugin (#7672244955048)
  broken get_posts on homepage when static front page is set (#7172738450786) Andrew - Fuller
  Spammers have mastered the form (v. 1.4.3) (#7593110297358)
  Getting Spam throug wp-contactform (#5068468694990)
  Conflict with Viper’s Video Quicktags plugin (#1403654457148)
  Geo Plugin – Fields in Post.php not showing up and blocking rest (#2593421470484) Nancy Davolio 3
  Fix for paypal-pro.merchant.php to include coupons and correct tax amount (#3316657944062) Anne - Dodsworth
  Redirection plugin prevents internal redirection from working (#7540489381885)

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